AFZ @SAJ, 3.6.19
If you’re looking for a public speaker, talk to me!

Yes, I’m a therapist in private practice, and yes, I’m a published author. In addition, I’m an experienced and dynamic public speaker, and that might also be of interest to you. Whether you’re :

  • A member of a group, 
  • The program chair for a local or national organization, whether for –profit or charitable, 
  • The leader of a book group or a training program,
  •  A facilitator in corporations and professional groups
  • As varied as from Facebook to IMB to Universities and Colleges, 
  • Attorneys, book stores, clergy, health care workers, librarians,  senior centers, Speakers’ Bureaus, 
  •  Or anyone else who is responsible for programming a speaker or workshop leader.

I talk about lots of topics. Some popular ones include:

  • Why it’s helpful to talk about your End of Life Matters?
  • What does it mean to us to bring a child into our couple (either by birth or adoption)?
  • What’s involved in really good, effective communication?  (How do we get there, whether in business or more casually?)
  • RETIREMENT—Is it a good, bad, or indifferent option to choose?  How to make it be a good thing??
  • What do we do now that the kids are going…going…gone??
  • What Marrying Well mean, and how can we do it??

You can reach me most easily by email (@anne.aiff@gmail.com) or my Contact Page, and we can talk about topics and scheduling.  I look forward to hearing from you!