Your End of Life Matters: How to Talk with Family and Friends

Book jacketby Anne Finkelman Ziff

Rowman & Littlefield, August 2018




A book about communicating

This book offers you a unique perspective and practical wisdom for taking responsibility forplanning, and discussing, your personal end-of-life wishes. It is an engaging, personal, how-to book for readers of all ages and stages of life.  No need to run from this title, or hold the book until later! Grab it, and read it from cover to cover, laughing, learning, and thinking as you go.  Here’s a bit of what it holds for readers:

  • Insights–through actual life stories and useful exercises
  • You learn about yourself and identify with people who call this conversation a gift.

True stories, related to and talking about your end of life matters, remind you:

  • Love and good humor are welcome and possible while discussing your own thoughts and wishes. 
  • There is usually life after these conversations!
  • These conversations are no longer taboo!!  Have one.

This is an interesting book for a book club, too.  See the Guide that’s waiting for you.

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Marrying Well: The Clinician’s Guide to Premarital Counseling​

By Elena Lesser Bru’un and Anne F. Ziff






Here’s a book you can go to and enjoy learning from, clinician or not.  It’s chock full of stories, examples, and guidelines about meeting, dating, and perhaps marrying your special person.  How do you know if what you feel is love?  Is it just curiosity? Or pressure?

Marrying Well opens your eyes and helps you avoid making mistakes. Be sure to see Chapter Eight’s “Eight Premarital Stages” as you figure out where your couple is, and what you want to avoid, as well as learn.

Explore the factors that predict a satisfying relationship (a marriage, if you choose).

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about Premarital agreements in a very positive light.

This is a warm, humorous, set of tales about the things you want to know as you develop your own relationship.  Go for it! Buy the book at Amazon.

Or make an appointment to see me in my NYC office, to talk personally about your own relationship!