Aging Parents or Self and Retirement

Retirement was for old, used up, not productive people you used to think—until you reached the age of retirement!  And then you recognized that active, creative people may be at the age of retirement without any interest in retiring!  Fortunately, the ‘age of retirement’ is a lot more flexible than it once was, and you may be surprised that your 65 year old parents or friends (or self) are more interested in going back to school (this could be as a student OR as a teacher!), returning to activities you love but haven’t had time for while working full time, finally getting to the 6 or 7 projects you’d been wanting to get to but lacked time for, starting a new business, going into politics…. The options are many, and varied.  What you choose doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you continue being active, and trial and error may be part of that change.  Whether it’s you or your parents, be gentle with the investigations and changes of mind.  Being busy is the key to successful retirement, whether the busy tasks include travel or work is totally up to each retiree.